Client Focused

"A fundamental tenet of our approach to excellence in client service is our commitment to earning our clients’ unadulterated trust. We do this through superior professional conduct, a complete commitment to meeting their unique objectives, and above all responding to concerns. The most practical gift a client can give us is a suggestion." - David C. Saunders, Founding Managing Director

Comprehensive Transparency

"We believe we have set the bar in terms of transparency best practices in the industry, particularly as it relates to aggregating position-level data from independent sources. The bottom line is you cannot measure what you cannot see." - David C. Saunders, Founding Managing Director

Portfolio Construction

"What I believe sets K2 apart is the depth of live investment experience the firm’s senior professionals possess, most notably direct hedge fund investing and management of multibillion dollar investment portfolios through various past market cycles." - Brooks Ritchey, Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Construction

Holistic Approach to Risk Management

"In today's complex financial universe, K2 believes one needs to work harder than at any time in recent history to truly comprehend and measure risk, aggregating many views and data points so that a real picture – with sharp resolution – emerges." - Tilak Lal, Senior Managing Director, Risk Management

Institutional Depth

K2 has built an infrastructure and approach to hedge fund investing that is especially well-suited to meeting the investment and reporting needs of large institutions without sacrificing the values upon which it was built

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Customized Portfolio Solutions

K2 is keenly focused on finding the appropriate investment solution for each individual client, and very often that means tailoring a solution to meet specific and targeted needs

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Risk Management

The systems and practices K2’s risk team employs – the firm believes – are the most sophisticated and capable in the industry, and extend well beyond the tools offered by standalone third-party risk services

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